3730 Nicholas St., Easton, PA. 18045

No matter who you are,
you are welcome here.


A uniquely welcoming church, Open & Affirming with a building that is fully handicapped accessible. New
Creation UCC, a church under the auspices of the United Church of Christ, was formed in 2009 and moved to its current location after construction of a new building in 2011. New Creation was formed through the merger of three local UCC churches.

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Join us, rise, and greet each other in Christian love at either (or both!) of our spirited services – whether it is your first time with us or you’re a long-time member.

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Drums? Guitars? Dancing?

This is church?

9:00 am

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An inspirational and

contemplative experience.

11:00 am

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Seeking after Christ and following his Word can come in many forms outside of Sunday morning services. New Creation offers a variety of Programs for adults that range from mission work in our wider community or within the church to opportunities for fellowship and support. Youth Programs nurture a connection to Christ through religious education, mission work, and fun within a Christian framework.

Youth Programs

Sunday morning Christian Education is available throughout the year in various forms.

Additional opportunities for our youth to gather include youth group activities in varying age groups as well as family focused fellowship.

Adult Programs

Many members and friends of New Creation take part in small group activities that range from fellowship to education to Mission.

In addition, the church provides meeting space to programs complementary to God’s Word.

Our Virtual Vacation Bible School!


‘You Are Welcome Here’ extends beyond Sunday services to all other church activities from committee meetings to all fellowship events for families, youth and adults. To succeed as a community within the Body of Christ, we encourage all to bring their gifts to one or many of our church activities.


What you do for the least of these, you do for me. Our mission is to bring God’s Word to life in the wider community through a variety of ongoing and ad hoc opportunities as they arise. These include work in the local community, across the US, and Worldwide.

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Like any organization, a church has many needs and relies almost entirely on volunteer efforts by members and friends of New Creation. Whether you have administrative or financial skills, teaching, a love of music, or working with those in need,

You Are Needed Here.

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New Creation is an active church. Most days see multiple meetings and other ongoing activities on a regular basis. More unique events like mission activities, fellowship events, special services, and fund-raisers occur monthly but not on a set schedule. Find all the latest information on our calendar and our weekly newsletters.

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Feel free to reach out.  We’re here for you.