3730 Nicholas St., Easton, PA. 18045


It can be hard at times to walk into a new church, not knowing what to expect and feeling a little out of place.  You will hear that whoever you are, whatever you have done, and wherever you are on your life’s journey, you are welcome here. 

Join us as we rise as a group and greet each other in Christian love, whether you are at your first service or a long-time member.

What you can expect at both Sunday morning services: 

a welcoming environment for all ages with a Children’s Message prior to the youth leaving for Sunday School or Junior Church during the service.  

If you are seeking a relationship with Christ, Holy Communion is celebrated during the first Sunday of each month, and church membership is not required to receive. All are welcome to receive Communion. 

Traditional services provide Communion in the seats, while at the Contemporary services all come forward to receive Communion.  

Feel the need for God’s blessing in especially troubled times? You can be anointed at either service on the third Sunday of the month.

For both services, screens are positioned around the sanctuary to project song lyrics, multi-media presentations, and images and video to present God’s Word in a multitude of ways. 

Regardless of the service you choose, prayer, scripture, sermon, and giving are all present.

And please Come As You Are.  

Suits and ties and dresses are welcome.  

Shorts and t-shirts are welcome. 

Shoes, sneakers, sandals…all welcome.


Drums? Guitars? Dancing? This is church? 

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An inspirational and contemplative experience. 

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